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Token Structure

Our tokens will be sold through pre-sale at .001 per TRX through the end of December 2018.  After the initial offering we will move the pricing according to needs of development and demand of the market place.  The potential of the exchanges will also dictate the price of the token.  This is a utility token to be used as a way for the influencer to be paid by the coin/token creators.  This is not a security.  



Christian (Founder)

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Specializing in SEO and PPC. Christian has led the Digital Marketing in over 120 countries across all digital platforms for the largest manufacturer in the world in their space. His work has been recognized at multiple SEO conferences in the last two years as a leader in the innovation of how we see SEO.

He has been connected to the Crypto Community for a couple of years and has worked with some of the largest TRX based projects as an SEO consultant and executed dozens of PPC campaigns in the space as well.